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McDvoice Customer Survey

We all are always on the lookout to favour our taste buds. With a vast array of food chains around us, we can’t resist ourselves either. And if you are on a budget, McDonald’s come in handy with great savouries to choose from and pocket-friendly.

McDonald’s offer a fantastic food option from singles to combos to happy meals and much more. It is a go-to food chain for every taste bud, and nobody has to burn their pockets either.

Although McDonald’s is super affordable to anyone, there are chances for everyone to get free meals or substantial discounts on the meal you purchase or some or the other reward.

The customers only has to fill in the McD Survey on their official website,

What is McDvoice survey?

With the substantial growth of McDonald’s over the years, they McD Board has also come to this realisation that it is essential for their customers to be able to give their feedback and suggestions to the company. Surveys not only helps them in rating the food but also gives them a sense of trust and reliability over the company.

For the company, these surveys are essential because they get to know their customers better. They’d know what their customers want and how they feel about the products and services they’re being provided with. It helps them in keeping the company updated with fresh arrivals and keeping their customers engaged.


Such surveys aim to get a general understanding of their consumers and what they expect from the company. Such studies give the company a perspective over how they can upgrade themselves and the things they need to improve on. They welcome all kinds of feedback, be it negative or positive. It can be an appreciation or even constructive criticism. It is a general notion that since there are millions of consumers and hence millions of feedback, so one feedback wouldn’t count. However, it is wrong. There are indeed a lot of feedback and millions of consumers, but every input counts. Feedback is categorised and noted. The feedback given is of the utmost priority to the company.

Therefore, surveys are essential and a necessity for the company to keep themselves updated. To encourage their consumers to do so, they offer free meals or discounts or rewards once they fill the survey.

What do you require to partake in the McDVoice study?

  • A legitimate receipt of order at McD from the past couple of days which contains a study code of 26 digits.
  • An Internet connection and a smartphone or laptop or computer or tablet.
  • You should be over the 15 or above years to participate in McDVoice survey.
  • You should be an inhabitant of the US or Canada.
  • You need to know either English or Spanish.
  • You are permitted to take part in a sum of 5 overviews for every month.
  • You need to claim your reward until seven days of completing the survey.
  • You should not have worked with McDonald’s in the past.
  • You can only take five surveys in a month.

How To Do McDonalds Customer Survey?

  • First, visit the official website of McDonald’s,
  • Keep your order bill from the past seven days.
  • You will need to enter the 26 digit code mentioned on the bill.
  • Select the “take survey” option.
  • Select the desired language and enter the 26 digit code.
  • A questionnaire will appear on the web screen, which you are required to fill to complete the McDonald’s Customer Survey.
  • Once you fill in the survey, you will receive a code that you can use to avail the reward at the McDonalds outlet within 30 days.


This whole word and research of study is conducted to build a relationship with the consumers of the products and services provided by the company.

It helps the company realise the expectations of the customers and encourages the company to be able to reach their full potential, satisfy the customer and prove themselves as value for money in the market.